Emotional photographs
for couples who seek
the surreal.

Emotional photographs for couples who seek the surreal.

Elopement Photographer in virginia

my couples do things


They refuse to have a traditional wedding that doesn’t feel like them.

That’s why I encourage you to express your individuality.

I say, let’s write the story of a lifetime.

Together, we’ll plan an intimate wedding day as original as your love story.

So go ahead, be yourself. Your memories from your day will reflect exactly how you felt on the inside.

Then, when you need reminded just how wild your love is, you can relive those realer-than-real storybook moments every time you flip through the pages of your bespoke photo album.

Virginia Elopement on the Chesapeake Bay, bride and groom walking in sand


You're Allowed To


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You’re allowed to chase that fairytale vision in your mind’s eye… even when no one else can see it. And if that means eloping, then gosh darn it you’re allowed to elope!

Your wedding day should be intimate and sacred! Not just another an opportunity to get likes on social media. If you get any chance to demand the absolute best for yourselves, it’s the day you get married.

You should not feel embarrassed, ashamed, or guilty for wanting to have an elopement instead of a big, traditional wedding. And you certainly should not feel like you have to do it secretly!

If it is what will make you happiest in your heart, then that, my friend, is the vibration you want to be in to get married! 

you're allowed to elope.

elopement vs wedding

What does elopement mean?

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What it meant to your parents

“to run away secretly to get married usually without parental consent”


What it means for you

“to have an untraditional, intimate wedding with few or no guests that is focused entirely around the desires of the couple”

An Elopement is a
private wedding experience
that feels the most like you

elopement ideas for adventurous couples

It's anything You desire...

& Nothing You Don't.

Virginia wedding photography, grooming dipping bride and kissing on the beach next to the ocean

Because You deserve to feel genuinely excited about your wedding day.

Virginia wedding photographer Laura Flood

cat lover &

I'm Laura.

Your hippie elopement photographer in virginia

I’m a Virginia Beach native who finally accepts being the free spirit of the family. I love the warm outdoors, listening to jam bands, to-do lists, kitties, and comfy clothes.

Virginia will always have my heart because of the wide variety of scenery, making it perfect for elopement destinations! From beaches, to mountains, to rolling countryside, to urban downtowns… Virginia has something for every couple planning their micro wedding.

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How We Capture the

Realer Than Real.

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Step 1

I listen to your story.

The first step is a phone call where I can hear about everything you’re dreaming up for your intimate wedding. If it feels like a good fit, we will schedule a consultation with you and your partner so we can dive a little deeper.

We Curate an Experience around your individuality.

We decide on an wedding photography collection that fits your needs and reserve your date with a retainer. I’m officially your elopement photographer!

You then have exclusive access to all my wedding planning resources. Every detail from venue to vendors, timelines, and permits will be covered so you can spend more time enjoying being blissfully engaged! 

(You basically hired a photographer  + wedding planner in one so go ahead and feel really good about your decision!)

Step 2

Step 3

Be present & celebrate!

You show up on your one-of-a-kind wedding day fully present knowing that I GOT YOU. Your elopement memories are safely in my hands, to be documented as truthfully and naturally as you remembered.

So go ahead.
Lean into the moment.

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it will be perfectly preserved for you to relive over and over in your legacy photo album.

Engagement photos in Virginia, couple smiling at each other with her holding his cheek showing engagement ring
Outdoor engagement photo of couple walking in garden

Full of Emotion.

Extremely limited 2021 availability. Now booking 2022.

Request Details

You are worthy of the best.

…so, let’s make sure the vibe’s right first!

I truly want to be friends beyond your wedding day so I actually don’t take every wedding I’m approached about. Reach out with as many details as possible and I’ll be in touch!

Extremely limited 2021 availability. Now booking 2022.