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In 2016 I met my husband. We were both training to be servers for the first time at a local pizza place.

Little did I know then that the summer we spent working together would be the wildest year of my life. We spent nearly every day together working and hanging out, neither of us realizing how much we liked each other. 

I never would have imagined that year ending with him asking me to the company Christmas party as his girlfriend.

It was then that my understanding of what it meant to have a life partner changed forever. He was my best friend! This was far different than anything I had ever experienced.

the best advice i ever received is to just be here now.

Virginia wedding photographer Laura Flood
Virginia wedding photographer Laura Flood and her husband at sunset.

I remember the day very clearly...

It hit me that he was going to propose and that this was it…this was my person. We had talked about marriage before and he knew I would say yes, but for some reason it struck me differently that day.

I realized that as much as I wanted to be one with this man, I would still have to say good bye at some point.

And while that feeling made me want to run the other way, I was suddenly filled with the determination to fight for us and to preserve our story the best way I knew how. 

That way, long after we’re gone, the world would know we were one for as long as we could be.

that is why i am an

elopement photographer

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I want to give you and your soul mate’s love story that same legacy.

I want to bring you both into the eternal present with photographs that are full of the same raw emotion you feel every time you look at each other.

So who am I?

I picked up my first camera when I was in second grade. Coming from a family of artists, it was no surprise that I followed in their footsteps.

While photography is my preferred artform, my education is in web development and graphic design. I spent two years at the Advanced Technology Center in high school and started my degree in graphic design before deciding to take fate into my own hands as a freelance entrepreneur.

Outside of my creative passions, I am a self-identified natural nut…hippie…whatever you want to call me. Growing up with a homeopathic mom may have made me a bit crunchy but I have always felt a deep connection to Mother Earth and the natural world.

I love last second road trips, being barefoot, the beach, and searching for treasures at antique stores. My ultimate dream life is to live in a historic farmhouse on a 500 acre permaculture homestead with all the dang plants and animals I please!

Virginia Elopement Photographer Laura Flood using a camera at 8 years old.
Outdoor engagement photo of couple sitting on steps with arm around her


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I truly want to be friends beyond your wedding day so I actually don’t take every wedding I’m approached about. Reach out with as many details as possible and I’ll be in touch!

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